Friday, January 7, 2011

Savannah's Little Suprises!

Yesterday, when I went to get Savannah from her bus, the helper on the bus asked me if Savannah had brought a flashlight. What? That's a weird question I thought. Then she showed me a hudge BOSH flashlight. ( One of Court's work tools flashlights) It's so Savannah, I thought! I told her, " Yeah, Savannah really loves flashlights. " She must of put it in her back pack the night before.

Then, today when I got Savannah, I'm about to walk away with her when the kids helper on the bus says, "WAIT" and sure enough Savannah had more stuff on the bus that she had stole away, some more surprises in her backpack to play with on the buss... two hair flowers, princess Bell, and a celery stick! LOL She makes me laugh! I wonder what she was thinking. She had celery sticks with her lunch yesterday. I had planned on throwing it away when we got home but Savannah decided she was hungry and ate it in the car. YUCK! She's so crazy! I love that girl of mine!!!

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