Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! 2011

This was the love family's 2011 Valentine's Day! I got up early, after a long night of waking up every few hours to a screaming baby, and made blueberry scones! We love them!!! We went to Xander's follow up appointment for his tubes, and his ears look great!
Savannah, Xander and I made our Valentines for daddy!

Mommy tried to take some cute Valentine's Day pictures of Savannah and Xander.
Savannah didn't really like Xander sitting next to her. HeHe. He loves his big sister!

...and chewing on everything!
We made Valentine's sugar cookies!
And, Dipped and drizzled strawberries.
I made Cherry topped chicken, twice baked sweet potatoes, and summer squash for dinner.
This is what Xander looks like after he eats!
It's not pretty!
Savannah and Mommy ate our yummy cookies!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I tried to make a comment a few days ago and it just wouldn't let me. My computer needs to be updated!

    Anyway, cute valentine pics and food, you are talented. Your kids looks so much like courtney- and so much like each other!

    Glad Xanders ear look good.

    Oh, and I got your message. I will try to remember bringing your game by tomorrow. Sorry about the lack of communication on my part.