Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Last weekend we helped my mother-in-law plant her garden. Savannah loved it! some of her favorite things are dirt and rocks! Gardening

We love being outside! We use sun screen daily. Poor Savnnah's skin! She can't be outside for 5 minutes without getting a sun burn.
My little helper!

Savannah had so much fun!
Xander, not so much... HE was so tired I had to take him back inside. I got him to take a 20 minute nap! I think Savannah and Xander have allergies. For over a week they have been congested and have had runny noses. It's so sad!
Moments and days like these make all of those bad days worth it!

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  1. I wish I had a garden to plant in! Those pictures are cute. I love that savannah had fun!

    Sorry about the book and that it was such a rough day. You can only hope she learned not to do it again.

    Fun day at school! That is so great you could spend some time with her there!

    Lindsey Francom