Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Day of School

Thursday was Savannah's last day of Pre School. Her class had a water party!
I want one of these rope things for myself! It would be great for going places with Savannah!

They played with water toys and spray bottles and had a blast!
Savannah's favorite color is blue and she has to have everything blue if she can!
This is Savannah's teacher! I love her!

Savannah had to have a hat! LOL! On both sides of Savannah are her friends Jack and Henry! They are so cute!
I'm so glad I got to go to watch Savannah! Thank you Erin for watching Xander! It's nice sometimes to just spend time with Savannah!

So cute!
Savannah got a BLUE pop cycle!

After her pop cycle Savannah, decided to "jump" around the grass! I love it when she tries to jump! It's more of a skip!
I had such a fun day with my girl! Savannah has one more year of preschool!

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