Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rain Boots and Love Happenings

This is part of my father's Day gift to the greatest dad for my children ever! This is kinda a long crazy post that jumps all over, just to warn you.

Last, week I had a really bad day and he brought me flowers! He's so sweet!
At the place that I went to take pictures for fathers day, there were a lot of deer. It was sad though because I told Savannah to look at the deer and she couldn't find them, even though they were right in front of us. She just kept saying, "where the deer?, I just want deer"
The same thing happened with these baby deer. We were walking through some trees and they were right there. Savannah even started crying because she couldn't find the deer. I don't understand it. Maybe, I'm just looking too much into this. She is only 4. Maybe I'm just crazy. But, aren't they cute!

This post is backwards. Sorry! These are the Love happenings lately. Savannah wears her rain boots everyday. In every picture in over the last month you will see her in these boots. Much to our horror, she even ended up going to church on Sunday in them. It was just not worth the fight. Xander got some kind of stomach bug and was throwing up all day. This sounds bad but I wish he acted like he did on Sunday all of the time minis the throwing up. He did not fuss and wine at all and he slept most of the day! It was such a nice break! I gave up on the melatonin. He still wakes up a lot at night and is the same. Nothing works.But, yesterday I got sick too. Xander still won't eat much of any solids yet.
Starting on Monday, I've been potty training Savannah again. Cross your figures!!!
I am so thankful for the I Pad! She loves it! She is so smart! She figured out how to get onto netflix and pick out what movie or show she wants to watch on it while she's sitting on the potty. The other thing that she likes to do on it is to color. She makes every page the same color and only that color. LOL

This is my potty training planning kit! Cute paper Savannah picked out, stickers Savannah picked out, Savannah's coloring books, a potty watch, reward snacks( Savannah's favorite are the no sugar yogurt covered covered raisins), water bottle for water with a little crystal light ,I know , I hate using treats to bribe her and I feel awful for it but, it's the only thing that works for her, and lots of princess panties.

It was so neat today, Savannah, while the awesome lady who works with Xander from Kids on The Move was here,She is so sweet! I love her! We were cleaning up the toys and I asked Savannah to help clean up. She picked up the puzzle pieces with her mouth and put them in the bag! She barked and panted like a puppy and proceeded to pick them all up like that! It was so cute! She used her imagination!!! It was adorable and it might seam insignificant to someone else but for Savannah it was another exciting milestone!

Xander has started to take a few steps!!! I think he is just too stubborn and just chooses not to walk. If he wanted to he could. HE refuses to ware shoes and socks! He just hates them! They only last up to probably just up to two minutes on his feet. We even bought him new shoes but sadly , they didn't work. Xander says BABABA, and DUDUDU, and stuff like that but, no real words yet. He has learned how to clap and he loves it! It's so cute!!!

We're so proud of our two sweet kids and how far they have come!

Sunday my mother-in-law made this really good raspberry honey butter,
and Lion House rolls! Only one word to say about them, YUM!
I made this Lion House Chocolate Cake! You have to buy the cook book! Everything looks Delicious!
Last week, we had a family picnic at the park with Court for lunch! It was so nice to be together!
This was Savannah's favorite part!
A couple of weeks ago, a very sweet and talented friend of mine and I made dresses for our girls! She made one for her CUTE baby. I wish I had a picture! It is adorable!

Notice the boots!!!

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  1. Fun post. Those pictures ended up really cute.

    I can't believe the deer in that field.

    Cute rainboots- even at church!

    Hurray for your kids' progress, it is so great!

    And that food looks amazing, I just might have to go buy the book!

    Lindsey Francom