Saturday, June 18, 2011

Team Two Little Reasons VisionWalk 2011

It was a perfect day for the VisionWalk!This is amazing team! Thank you for coming out to support Savannah and Xander! Unfortunately, Some of our team weren't able to make it. We missed all of you! Maybe, next year!Our team Two Little Reasons T shirts were blue because that is Savannah's favorite color right now!They have Savannah and Xander's hand prints on the front. Xander's little hand print is with his sixth finger. I love how they turned out! Thank you Erin, Rob, Becky, and Rob's very kind friend who made the shirts for us. Thank you so much all of you!
We finally got Savannah to exchange pink shoes for her rain boots!
Savannah loves her cousins!
My Sister-in-law and mother-in-law came to support us! They are awesome!
Savannah and the kids enjoyed playing in the bounce house!
Poor Savannah always had a long line of kids behind her and kids trying to get past her, but she was having too much fun to notice!
Savannah's sticks and leaves!

One of the many times she decided to go take a nature hike by herself. LOL

Thank you everyone, for all of your love and support! It truly does mean so much to us. It feels good to do something for such a great cause! I know that everyone has struggles in their life's. This is very dear to us and I just feel that I need to do all that I can and, we need to fight for Savannah and Xander and others like them. We need to fight for our children with all different kinds of special needs. They need us to fight for them. We are the ones who can give them a better future! We can't wait to do this again next year! Thank you again!!!

Savannah saw the ducks and ran off just after the walk started. I stayed with her because she wasn't going back.We ended up feeding dirt to the water and walking around the pond for the first half of the walk.
Yes, I let Savannah have some cotton candy, and a blue snow cone. I am guilty!
But, How can you say no to that? I did eat most of her cotton candy though!

It was so nice to be there surrounded by close friends and family!

This is what Savannah did to her glasses in the car because she was board. I almost cried!

I am so thankful that organizations like the Foundation for Fighting Blindness exist. They give us hope for the future for our precious children like Savannah and Xander. They give us hope and an abundance of amazing people that you never would have met. They bring your family and friends closer. It is so incredible to think how blessed Savannah and Xander are by all of the love and support by so many people all around them and to know that no matter how bumpy or dark their road ahead will be, we are all here to guide them.
We love you Savannah and Xander, ALWAYS!


  1. I'm so glad it went well. Wish I could've been a part of it. I am also glad they have things like this to help!

    Lindsey Francom

  2. That's so awesome! It's so good you're doing something to promote awareness! :)