Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Savannah is Sick

Tuesday, My brother Nathan came to stay with us for a few days, after just getting off his Ogden, Spanish speaking mission a week ago. Wednesday, we went to go visit our grandparents. Most of the time Savannah sat starring out at the window. She was shaking and burning up. We went home and, I took her temperature. It was 104.5. It has never been that high before. Then she started throwing up. I hate it when she throws up! It really scares Savannah.

Savannah's temperature has been from 103 to 105, Wednesday and Thursday. We have been giving her Tylenol, pedilite, and milk. She hasn't eaten anything since Wednesday at breakfast. It is so sad! She looks so miserable. Every time we ask her if she is ok she always says "I'm okay." Xander has been his monster self. LOL! But, he is so congested, and getting a little cough. I've been sick from my antibiotics. I had to have a root canal. I'm allergic to penicillin, so I am taking Endomycin. It makes me so sick.

Yesterday, Nathan left for school. He probably thinks we are the most boring people ever. Court took Savannah to the doctors yesterday afternoon. I couldn't go because, I had to go have my root canal done. At the doctors, they did a strep test and it came up negative. The doctor told Court he thinks she has either a virus or and infection in her intestines and to just keep giving her fluids and keep doing what we are doing. If she isn't better by Monday, we are going to take her in again. In the meantime I've been doing lots laundry, reading books to Savannah and Xander, (Savannah loves for me to read Fairies,Mermaids, and Princesses over and over!) I think I could preform all 6 of the On Demand, Blues Clues episodes word for word and every song perfectly! Today Savannah is doing better I think.Tonight, she is sitting up on the coach! We still haven't gotten her to eat though. Her temperature keeps going up and down. It was normal for about an hour but then, went back up. I hope she gets better soon! I hate seeing her so sick. She even turned down Popsicles.
On the up side... For the first time in months I am caught up on laundry! Hopefully, tomorrow I can get out and go to the Womens Expo!

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