Saturday, September 10, 2011

Savannah Sick 2

It's 1:08A.M. Savannah, after trying to fall asleep over and over again woke up shaking telling me something over and over again. The only words I could make out were Savannah, stairs, black, water. I guessed that that meant that Savannah wanted to go upstairs and lay on the coach, with water in the black water bottle. So here we are, Savannah on the upstairs coach, with a blanket, a cover for the coach (just in case), her blues clues, blue care bear,her pillow, her princess crown( I had to dig through the toy buckets to find a substitute for her broken one, watching Blues Clues, soccer again. She of course had to have the lights on and have ice in her water. I am glad she didn't ask for milk again though!

There it is again that catchy song that I probaly won't ever get out of my head. LOL! "I'm a circle circle circle woowoo...."LOL! Her temperature is down to 101.9! She hasn't thrown up yesterday or today! Every once in a while she will yell bucket! She says it a few times before we can figure out what she is saying and then we jump for it. She spits into it again and again for a few minutes. When she first did this I had to try not to laugh. I feel really bad but, it was just so random. You would have to see it. That sounds awful. I know she must have felt like she was going to throw up.

I think she is feeling a little better right now!

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  1. I'm so glad she is doing better. I have been thinking about you guys since I heard you were both so sick. Hope your root canal turned out ok!
    Love ya!