Thursday, January 5, 2012

2nd Christmas

When we came home from our trip Savannah and Xander opened gifts from Grandma Love! They were so excited!
We are so blessed that our kids have amazing and very caring, and loving grandparents!
Court actually got up on our roof to take this picture. But, isn't it beauitful!
The next night, we had our own little Christmas. Xander loved tearing off wrapping paper. He was so funny!
Savannah was so excited with all of her princess Rapunzel presents!

The kids had a very good Christmas! It was really neat to see how excited they were this year!


  1. Look at all the fun things you've done this holiday season! I love that even when our kids drive us completely crazy the happiness they share with us make it all worth it. You truly inspire me to be a better mom. You pretty much rock. Oh- and a random side note I found one of Xander's blankets the other day in my coat closet. We should hang out so I can get it back to you :)

  2. Glad you had a good Christmas. I can't believe how big Xander is- he isn't a baby so much anymore! What a cutie! hope his surgery goes well, I always am thinking of you and your family.