Thursday, January 5, 2012

Missouri Show and Tell

Savannah in her cute hat!
Down the road from my moms house there was this cute little miniature horse!
Isn't it cute!!!
One day, My mom took us to this kids discovery place. The kids had so much fun!
Xander thought it was funny to get hit with the ball.
I became very good at filling bags up with balls for the kids to shoot.
Xander wasn't very happy to be put down.

He was not having a very good day. He didn't sleep much.
One of Court's and mine highlights were that my mom and Brett took us to some amazing Barbecue places! Kansas City has the best BBQ ever!!!
It was so good!!!

Isn't this a funny street name! There was OO, and HH too!

It was such a blessing to our family that we were able to visit and be with my family for Christmas! It was so neat to see Savannah and Xander with their cousins aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grandpa Jensen! Hopefully they will be able to always have this memory! We are so blessed!

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