Thursday, September 1, 2011

Savannah's First Day of School and New Dress

This is what is in her back pack for her first day of school!
A change of clothes
4 diapers
School papers
About an hour and a half before we went outside to wait for the bus Savannah had an accident and she had to change out of her new dress that I had made for her the day before. Poor Savannah, she was so sad that she couldn't wear her "hoo hoo princess dress," anymore. The dress has owls on it so that is what she calls it! But anyway, this is Savannah eating her lunch!

We made it one day without her crown or pirate hat! It's a miracle!
She's so stubborn! LOL

Savannah playing peek-a-boo! I caught her! If it isn't over sized rain boots it's kawaks! We love kawaks!
Savannah getting on the bus. She was so excited she wouldn't look back at me!
Savannah after school.I think she had a good day at school! Savannah is going to school 4 days a week for now, but, she might go 5 depending on what her teachers decide.
Savannah's second day of school! She is wearing her new dress! She was so excited!

Savannah's favorite part of her dress is the pockets! She loves to put rocks in them!

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  1. Adorable dress, and I love the matching flower, too. :)