Friday, October 14, 2011

Meagan's Wedding

I have neglected my blog for almost two weeks. I don't think that I have ever gone this long before. Sorry!!! I have been out of town, busy being my friend since kindergarten's maid of honer in her beauitful wedding! I also got to visit my family! I got to go kinda on a vacation, without my babies! It was so much fun, but I really missed them!!! Thank you everyone who helped watch Savannah and Xander while I was away! I couldn't have gone without you! Thank you so much! I have so many pictures that I want to show that I just had to use my new My Memories program to organize them!
Here's what I've been up to!

For Meagan's Bachelorette party we went out to a Vietnamese restraint in Kansas City , got some yummy ice cream at the Fuzzy Peach Frozen Yogurt, they have the best sugar waffle cones!We played silly games, such as (Wedding version) Headbands, and the bubble wrap gift game We made fruity, girly drinks, and started to watch a scary movie a 2 AM, but fell asleep. What happened to being able to stay up all night? LOL!

Pink Drink

Berry 7 up
Raspberry surburt

Dip cups into corn syrup or honey, then dip cup into pink sugar! Enjoy!We ate lots of yummy food! The garlic bagel bites are awesome! I am going to have to try to remake them myself!Meagan taught me how to make flowers! They are so much harder than they look. It is so neat to see how they all come together!The flowers are 99.5% eatable! Rolling fondant really is a workout! We spent many long hours making gum past flowers and rolling and cutting fondant! It was so much fun! Isn't it gorgeous!This was the rehearsal. I love this new dress, my mom got me!!! It's my new favorite! By this night I was homesick and I just wanted to hug and hold Savannah and Xander, and kiss Court! I missed them so much!I felt so guilty also, because Court had to take the kids here and there, go to work, get kids, got to school, do homework, and deal with not much sleep, because Xander still only sleeps between 4 to 6 hours on and off per night, and Savannah wasn't
sleeping well either. My husband is amazing and wonderful! I love him so much!!!

Luckily, we were very busy! My friend Jill, sent me pictures on her phone of the kids in the mornings and when Savannah was going to school when she had them. Those pictures really made my day each time!!!Thank you!!!Meagan's dress was beauitful! I love how perfect her hair was! It was such a windy day, mine just fell out and was scary! Darcie looks so cute in her dress with her cute little bump (Eli)! Rachel and I accidentally got the same shoes. They are just that cute!
IT was so great to see everyone and to be there for Meagan and Lenn on their day! It really was beauitful!I am so happy for them!

It was the greatest feeling ever when I got off my plane and I saw my family! I was so happy to see them, and they to see me! Savannah and Xander were actually fighting over who I held! I loved it!I am glad to be home!

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