Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Goodies

I love baking, especially around the Holidays for family and friends! I am going to be posting 12 days of Christmas goodies!!! Some recipes, like this one will be a re post from last year. Have fun baking! I know I will!!

I am also going to make it a goal for me to post something every day this month!!I have lots of recipes, Christmas crafts and Christmas traditions to share!
Dip Oreo's in milk or white chocolate,drizzle with white chocolate, then crushed candy canes and sprinkled on top. These are supper easy! I like to use the chocolate blocks at Macey's!Everyone loves these!!!

Last year I made these and homemade Carmel for friend gifts!


  1. I will have to make these (and probably everything else you bake up this month). You're pretty much Super Women!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing talents!

  2. These are so yummy! And what an easy way to make a homemade treat. I might actually be able to do this one!