Monday, January 2, 2012

Plane Ride to Kansas City Missouri

The 21st we left to go on our trip to Missouri for Christmas. I can't believe how much luggage it takes for two adults and two kids! Lol!3 suit cases, 2 carry on suit cases, a back pack, my purse, Savannah's back pack, and 2 car seats.People were probably looking at us like we were crazy. LOL!

We got on the plane then, over the speaker they announced that there was a white out in Denver CO that morning and we were to go back and wait 2 hours until we would leave. Savannah was not happy with the change in plans.
We made due and colored, changed diapers, (poor Savannah had soaked through), read books, and looked out at the air planes...
Savannah and Court took a little nap.
And, Xander being Xander couldn't hold still.
He found himself a seat! Then, an hour and a half later we boarded the plane, Savannah having a little meltdown because she wanted to go home in the car.When we arrived in Denver CO, we found that we had missed our plane to Kansas City. It had left an hour and a half before. We waited in a very long line for another hour and a half to find another flight there.Poor Savannah and Xander were hungry and of course weren't about to stand still in a line.Savannah even laid down on the floor. I know people were giving us weird looks but the line wasn't moving and, I was just so glad that she wasn't having a meltdown that I wasn't going to make her stand up and risk a tantrum. After struggling with Xander I was exhausted!When we got up to the front they told us that they could put us on stand by for two days later, Christmas Eve night. We almost just tried to find a flight home but, at the last moment they found two cancellations on another flight later that day. We were so lucky!

We got lunch and the kids watched a movie. Xander was awful on the plane but, as soon as it took off as if it were a que to him, he fell right to sleep.Savannah did so good!We arrived in Kansas City 6 hours later than planned but, we made it! Savannah was so excited to get into a car!This is a picture of Kansas City. It is an awful picture but, I took it with our small camera and out of the window of the air plane. At least that's what I am going to blame it on.

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