Friday, February 24, 2012

Favorite Things and Donuts

A few weeks ago, for Xander's visit from his specialist from Kids on the move came over and helped us bake something! Which, is one of our favorite things to do! She also showed me some ways to help him to try to get him to start saying some more words and stuff in the kitchen!
So, we decided to make some semi healthy mini donuts!The unhealthy part was the chocolate and sprinkles we dipped them in!
It was so much fun! She is so amazing! She has been working with Xander since he was only 4 months old and it's so neat to see how far he's come! Not only does she help Xander but she really helps me! She is so fun and she really helps me to find ways to have fun playing with my kids and teaching them and challenging them at the same time! We love her!
All that week I had been telling Savannah that she was going to come over and make a treat with us and they were both so excited when she came over!

You can tell which ones Savannah did! She really loves sprinkles!! I think we did a pretty good job!
Xander said his first real word yesterday!!! He said, "Again." I am so proud of him!!!He is 23 months today! I can't believe that he is going to be two next month! Time goes by so fast! I love to soak in all of the little moments like these! Now, we are really going to work on getting him to say Mommy and Daddy!!! I can't wait!! We love our little Xander!!!

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