Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs

Savannah has been so excited to color Easter eggs all day!! I was so sad about Xander being sick AGAIN, and not really being able to do all the Easter crafts and stuff with everybody, but then, I decided that we would just do them all by ourselves, so this is the first of the many Easter post!!

This is favorite picture of Court with the kids! It's so cute!!!Xander pretty much doesn't let me put him down. Poor guy! But, he is doing so much better today!!

Some very sweet person Easter Egged our house! Thank You!! Savannah had so much fun finding eggs to put into her basket! It really made her day!! And, it is good that you put how many there are to find because, it took us a while to find the last 4. Crazy, I know!
Thank you!!

Savannah really loved making YELLOW eggs! LOL! So Savannah!
One cracked, so we had to eat it!
She is so happy with her pretty, (Many Colors) eggs!! And, poor Xander didn't like that I put him down.
So, I held him again.

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