Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vision Walk 2012

 Saturday, was the Vision Walk. It was a very hot and crazy day, but, it was also a lot of fun and very memorable! We are so appreciative to our friends and family who came to walk with us.
 My mom and step-dad came up from Missouri, and Savannah and Xander were so excited! Savannah calls Brett Papa. It's really cute! I have no idea where she got it from.

 All the kids got fun balloons! Savannah and Xander had so much fun with their cousins!
They loved their blue snow cones! Both spilled over at some point. I have still, yet to find jeans to fit Savannah right, so these are her only pair of pants that she owns. They are actually Capris.
 The kids had a blast jumping and going down the slide in a bouncy house that they had there!
 Xander and Gage are best buds! They are so cute to watch play together, and they are both 100% boy! LOL!
 Of course Xander was up to all of his old running away games but luckily, Brett was there to run after him!
 Team Two Little reasons won the best team T shirt contest, but I'm sure it was because we had a cute little red head on our side!
 It was really neat, they asked Savannah to cut the starting ribbon. I think she really liked cutting it! She wouldn't go up without, "my Abby" though. LOL! She loves her cousin!

 It was so hot but we walked/ ran the whole 5K! Both Savannah and Xander's cheeks were bright red but all of the kids had so much fun!
With everyone's help and kind generosity we surpassed our fundraising goal for the Foundation Fighting Blindness and raised  $2,063!!!!!!!!

 Thank you, everyone for all of your donations, for your love, and your support. Thank you, so much for helping us to have hope to prolong Savannah and Xander's sight. We feel so honored and blessed and truly, we can't put how we feel into words. Our gratitude is unmeasurable. Thank you! Thank you everyone!

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  1. Amazing support, amazing kids, amazing event! I'm glad everything went so well.