Saturday, July 7, 2012

13 Healthy Lunches For Kids

Ham & Provolone Romain Lettuce Wraps with Half a mango

Whole Wheat Tortillas with Almond Butter & Carrot and Watermelon Sticks

Banana and Almond Butter Kabobs With Carrots and Celery

Make your own Apple and chick pea Romaine Lettuce Wraps with Cucumber Watermelon cups
Savannah loves lettuce wraps, but Xander will eat everything but the lettuce.
Ham, Lettuce and cheese wraps with Carrots circles

It is also a rare thing for Xander to eat any vegetables. He usually just chooses to not eat. :(

Banana and Peanut butter kabobs with cucumbers and celery

Tuna Fish Celery Salad with red grapes and cucumber sticks

Make your own mini Pizzas Picnic ( Sauce is puree tomatoes) with peaches

Homemade mini Turkey and Cheese with whole wheat tortilla Lunchables Picnic
These are one of the kids favorite lunches! But, because of the Paleo diet that we are starting they won't be able to have tortillas and cheese anymore.

Almond butter whole wheat sandwiches with Apple and green grape kabobs with carrot sticks

Mandarin Orange Chicken

Muffin Cup Picnic! This is so much fun and it helps clean out the fridge!

The kids read books while mom chops up lunch and then we clean up and watch a fun movie and have an indoor picnic! It's perfect on a rainy day!

Some of my little tricks for getting my kids to eat healthy food is presentation! They love bright colored cups and bowls! They love eating with cute picks and kabob sticks! I love making things like mini healthy lunables that they can assemble themselves.  We love using cookie cutters and fondant cutters on everything! We have cute names like circle carrots, watermelon sticks, flower or star apples, and we call a lot of things pizza just so they know it's yummy before they try it! I love using silicone cupcake cups and muffin tins for lunches and healthy snacks. Sometimes we even have tea party lunches just to mix it up a little with Savannah's tea cups and plates. We love our girly stuff! Let me just say it! It's FUN!!  One way that I get them to drink more water is I try to usually have a fun cup with a straw out for them with water all the time! And Ice makes everything better according to them! We love to have lots of picnics outside or go to a park to have a picnic. Savannah and Xander love be in the kitchen with mommy and help me cook! A few of these lunches are Paleo but others aren't. Right now we are trying to do mostly Paleo but we still have some dairy's and grains in our fridge that we have to use, so we aren't just throwing it all away. The kids favorite lunches are the ones that they get to assemble themselves!


  1. i think the mango meal is the best.

  2. I have been thinking about your family and all of the big nutritional changes at your house. I recognize all the effort you put into doing what's best for your crew. Keep up all the good work. I'm curious to know what they liked best or didn't like from these meals.