Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Potty Training Savannah, Day 1

Today, was day one of potty training. When I told Savannah no diapers she would say "diapers are for babies!"
She's so cute! We took her to pick out her own princess panties, the other day, and of course she picked Rapunzel!  She picked out a prize, (princess stickers and princess paper to make mail for one of her cousins) She loves to make letters "mail", for her cousin! I also got a calender for her to put a sticker on each day she goes all day with no diapers!

 The morning went pretty well! Until, just after cleaning up Xander's blow out and giving him a much needed bath, She had her first accident around 10AM. I had her go potty and then take a bath, then just after she had gotten dressed accident #2. She just stood there and I told her she was wet and she looked down and said her feet were in water. I sent her to the potty, thinking that she could get on it with the stool, but when I got in there, well... it wasn't pretty. When Savannah goes potty, she goes a lot. I also don't think she knows when she needs to go. It's always hit or miss, and she usually won't tell you that she is stinky or wet. I have to tell her that she is.
 Thank heaven for Vision walk T shirts!! She has been in them all day! She loves them because they are blue and yellow, her favorite colors! We went through a lot today :) About the party hat, it was a motivation! LOL! I remembered that one of my sister-in-laws had told me that they would have a "potty party" to make it a more positive experience for them. So yes, When I took Savannah to the potty we wore party hats and I had some whistles that we blew and we yelled, "GO SAVAHHAH!" and clapped! I'm sure we looked really silly! But, Savannah loved it! :) All day, if Savannah was on carpet, we always made sure she had a towel under her.
My angle niece came!! She is 9 and is awesome! Savannah and Xander just love her! She is staying with us for a few days to help me out with Savannah's potty training! Our hopes are that Savannah will listen to her and have more motivation! She was one of Savannah's cheer leaders! LOL! She really saved me today!
 For lunch, we had hamburger lettuce wraps! They are so good!
 We took Savannah to the bathroom about every 15 to 20 minutes.

We made these fun little clothes pins. The 2 cute pink and purple ones on the left are my nieces! I'm planning on making a birthday calender with the ones I made, so I have one for each month!

Snack Time! Pureed watermelon slushie cups!
We watched a couple more shows, read some books, did some laundry, and played out back, with lots of bathroom brakes! The kids made up a game of throwing these foam fish into the bath tub and catching them with the fish hook. It kept them busy for a while! Savannah went through  9 pairs of underwear and 5 Vision Walk T shirts today.

The kids helped me make dinner! They were awesome helpers, especially my niece! We used our first fresh vegetables from our garden! I tried to use the foremen grill because I don't know how to turn on the grill outside, (sad I know) but Court always does the grilling. After, dinner we cleaned up, had another bathroom brake, and then we played out back for a bit. After dinner, Savannah had no more accidents!! I'm so proud of her!
Blue Facials! Savannah even let me put a little on her this time, and I put a smudge on Xander's nose because he felt left out!
Blue Monsters!
Savannah did awesome today! We had a lot of accidents but we kept at it! I put a diaper back on Savannah for bedtime but first thing tomorrow, we will start again! I'm so thankful I have my little helper! I think that we might hire her full time! LOL! I'm just kidding! but, that would be awesome! We love her! We made it through our first day and  we are ready for tomorrow! I just need to keep telling myself to stay positive and that I can do hard things!!
Day One!!


  1. Hang in there! I think you should have posted this motivating post when I was potty training my kids. A more positive attitude is what I needed, I think we would have all come out happier people. YOU ARE AWESOME!

  2. What a big summer for your family. I am inspired by your patience with this process. Keep up the hard work! Go Savannah!