Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 2 & 3 Potty Training Savannah

(Day 2)
Potty training Savannah went really well! She only had 3 accidents! She even went to her Bridges sports class for an hour in a pull up and when we got home it was still dry! Savannah and Xander had so much fun with their cousin! We made crafts, the girls played board games, and Elafun ( Savannah and Xander's favorite!)  We set an alarm for every 20 minutes to take her to go potty. The only thing was that she still never once told me when she needed to go.  She always says, "no I'm dry!", every time I asked her if she needed to go potty or if she wanted to go between the 20 minute potty brakes. I don't even know why I keep asking. I guess I am always hoping that she will say YES.  Her first accident wasn't until 2:45 PM!! We were so proud of her! Yesterday, our hopes were high with Savannah's only 3 accidents!

 (Day 3)
 She had her first accident at around 10 AM. All day she was very emotional, and would have little meltdowns whenever she was done with doing something, wanted milk, or was hungry, when she didn't want to sit on the potty... Then, around 3PM just after having to take a potty brake she started crying because she wanted a diaper, she just wanted a diaper...  :(  With big tears in her eyes, and after trying and trying to get her to tell me why she didn't want to wear her big girl panties and why she wanted a diaper, She just cried harder the more I tried to talk to her. So, I put a diaper on her and told her to keep it dry and we will go potty again in 20 minutes. 
I really had a hard time with this. After we had worked so hard the last few days. After all of the attempts to potty train her over the years and failing again and again. At that moment I couldn't see us succeeding. Am I not telling her the right things, am I not giving her the right motivation? What am I doing wrong? How many times can a mother fail at this. Is this just a normal set back and the fun of it just wearing off on her? Or, dose she really not know when she needs to go and so she can't hold it because she doesn't know how or when she needs to and all of this is just stressing her out? I feel like she wants to stay dry and everything involving potty training wants so much to do, but she just can't do it because her body really isn't telling her and it is frustrating to her because she wants to be a big girl so badly. I just wish I could know. I wish she could tell me so badly. It breaks my heart that my little girl can't tell me how she feels. 

After talking with my sister-in-law, seeking some kind of help or guidance on what to do and where to go from there I decided to try to stay positive and see if she would go potty again and put panties back on but, if not, it would have to be okay, and we would just try again tomorrow, and then in 6 months. But, to mine and my nieces disbelief she was happy to! We were so excited and happy for her!! Maybe she just needed a brake from the stress. She followed the 20 minute alarm potty break system we had for the rest of the night! Then, When she had her last accident, it was followed by finishing on the potty and a bath. After the bath, panties, bathroom break, pullups, then our amazing helper had to leave us. :( She was such a great help! Savannah and Xander had so much fun having a friend to play with them all the time! We love her! Savannah was so sad she wasn't here tonight when she went to bed, (in a diaper) She wanted her cousin, but in the end she settled with Savannah in brown bed and daddy on the floor.  This is so much harder than I remember, and such an emotional roller coaster. Hopefully tomorrow will get better!  Tomorrow is a new day and we will start again and see how she does.


  1. How has she done since then? I hope it's going well. When you look back you can how much improvement she has made from the first attempts at potty training!

  2. My elder has autism; we found a book called The Potty Training Journey, which is specifically about potty training special needs children, to be very helpful! Good luck...we're cheering for Savannah from here in Canada! :)