Saturday, July 21, 2012

Savannah's Potty Training Update

We are almost onto week three of potty training Savannah! She is doing amazing! Yes, I have told her that she gets a toy if she keeps going potty and tries to stay dry for 2 more weeks. She thinks that the bake shop play dough set at the store is hers. She gets so excited and tells me, "cupcakes, and cookies, and cakes, and ice cream!" That girl has the best memory ever! LOL! Every time I tell her to go potty, and she doesn't want to go I tell her she has to go so she can work towards her toy. I don't think she understands 2 more weeks and she thinks she gets it after she goes each time.  She still doesn't tell me when she needs to go, she almost always goes in between potty brakes in her pull up, usually doesn't realize when she goes in her pull-up, even number 2, and she only a few times has wanted to go when I ask her if she needs to go. I try to take her every hour to the bathroom and she is wearing pull-ups because she likes them and I don't have to keep cleaning up potty messes. At night she wears a diaper and wakes up, usually soaked.  Sometimes, I can just tell her to go potty and then we can do this...  And she will use her stool and be able to go by herself. I just have to check on her and sometimes help her. She is doing amazing! I am hoping that I can get her to just go every hour on her own because otherwise she just has no motive to go. 6 months ago I would have never thought that we would have gotten this far with Savannah! Yes, she is going on my clock and I'm pretty much training myself because if I don't make her go, it just wouldn't happen but, she is doing it and she's wanting to put back on her pull-up and she is happy!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you alot. I am so impressed with you patience with the potty training. I know it's not going exactly how you want but I'm glad you recognize that it's an improvement over past attempts. I'm really happy for you and Savannah. Plus, I'm always so impressed with your determination to tackle hard things. I don't have that same attribute so I admire it in you. You're a great example for me!!