Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Catch-Up

 This post is just a little update on some of the things that have been happening at our house lately.  Court has been canning lots of green beans form our garden. I helped a little but with being sick and being terrified of bugs, I have a hard time touching them until they are washed.
 Savannah and Xander were BIG helpers! Savannah loves to munch on raw grean beans for snacks!

 Xander loves fish so one day we painted some fish mold things that I got from Roberts. The kids loved it!
 One of the Saturdays that I was sick just happened to be the day that Kids on The Move was having their fishing day. Sadly I couldn't go but, it turned out to be a great daddy daughter date for Savannah and Court!
 Savannah has spent most of her days as a princess, because that's what she is!
 This was so cute! Xander was so tired he fell asleep on the step. He's getting worse at the sleeping thing again. It's like he has his nights and days mixed up. Not Fun!
 When I was feeling better we all went out to a little fishing pond. The kids had fun but it didn't last long. It was pretty hot.
This little guy kept stepping into mud puddles, and then the shoes were off! He just wanted so badly to just run off and play. Poor little guy.
 One day we had fun with cousins at Tufalga! It was so hot. Poor Savannah's face was deep red the whole time.
 Savannah and I did a little project. We made a tray for my jewelery! She loves painting!

 We try to do Xander's learning box every day. He gets so excited every time I bring it out! It's like Christmas for him!
Family homework table! Savannah just loves to work in her workbook! She is so smart!

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