Monday, August 6, 2012

Mommy and Savannah Working on Patterns and Shapes

 This is one of the things that Savannah and I like to do together while Xander takes a nap, (Which isn't very often.) Sometimes, we do the pictures,we stack the shapes into piles, or we make patterns!  It's so much fun and is so special for Savannah and I! She always loves to do them! I have little things that I do with Savannah when its just us girls and other fun things that Xander and I do that he loves! A few other things that Savannah and I do together are, painting nails, watching  princess movies together, she loves to cook with me, and I always love doing her hair! With Xander, we do his learning box, reading monster or dinosaur books, (he is obsessed with dinosaurs!), and he loves to dance and be silly! He is my crazy boy!

Oh no! The monster is awake!!  :)

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