Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stewart Falls Family Hike

 I know it's been a while since my last post. I was really sick with a bad sines infection for a couple of weeks. It was just awful. I had a huge migraine on the right side of my head that never went away. And I think that all the Advil I was taking made me just so sick. So, I was the worse mother ever for those weeks. My kids watched a lot of TV, and I tried to do at least one craft or have them work in their workbooks once a day. There was also a lot of coloring and reading. I felt so bad that I felt too sick to take them outside. Court was just amazing! As soon as he came home from work each day he took care of the kids, dinner and cleaning! I am so lucky!! :)

Just before I became sick, we spent a family night hiking to Stewart Falls. It was so beauitful up in the mountains, and the kids were doing awesome!
 This little monster was so determined and so stubborn. He did not want to be carried. He is so funny! Notice the dirt on his hands, face, knees,... well everywhere! LOL! My crazy little boy!
 Showing Savannah and Xander the view!
 It was taking us a lot longer than we thought and it was getting dark so, towards the end to the falls we carried them.
 We made is!!!
Snack time! Apples and water! The trail is 3.5 miles there and back and it took us 4 hours. lol! We don't think we will be doing this trail again with the kids any time soon, but Court and I want to go back on our own to hike it sometime!  Overall the kids did awesome and they walked over half of the way. They are starting to love hiking! I just love doing things like this with my family!

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