Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Savannah's First Day Of Kindergarten!

 Today, was my sweet Savannah's first day of Kindergarten! I can't believe that she is old enough to be in Kindergarten :( It was diffidently harder for me to see her go. I missed her even before she left. I just couldn't stop thinking of all the things that could go wrong or what if she had a bad day, or if someone was mean to her, or if she had a meltdown, or even if she went number 2 in her pull up. My list of fears goes on and on. LOL. Sadly, we are still where we were before with potty training. She still doesn't know when she needs to go so we try to take her every hour when we can. So it's completely on us to make her go. Last week, we met her teacher and she has been pleading with me to take her to Kindergarten in the car, to go on the bus, and to go to kindergarten and play with friends ever since! She was so excited to go today!  I told her that in Kindergarten the kids only wear pull ups and panties to get her to not wear her diaper, and that she had to try really hard to keep her pull up dry. It totally worked!! Point for mom!! She was so excited to wear her new skirt I made her and her new blue shirt that we picked out together with her flower! Last night, we packed her snack for snack time, (raw almonds)! She was so excited! She loves nuts for snacks! I think that's her favorite snack right now nuts or apples! Her class is pretty small. There is 8 other kids in her class besides Savannah and her teacher has 2 aids.

We didn't want Xander to feel left out!

Savannah's favorite book right now! Mermaids! She loves mermaids! If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she will either say a mermaid or a princess! She's so cute!

Savannah was so excited to get on the bus!

After school, she was happy when she got off the bus! The first thing she did when we got into the house was ask for milk. LOL. After I read the note that was in her "purple" folder that her teacher wrote for me I understood. She had said that Savannah had a great day! But, at snack time she wanted milk like the rest of the kids :( I felt so bad. I'm going to have to pack a little ferniest of almond milk with her to take from now on. So, I got Savannah some milk and she drank it while I tried to talk to her about her day! She said that they moved and played in the kitchen with friends and made waffles and hamburgers! At the playground there was a castle. I asked her if she had climbed it and she said no. I couldn't get any of her friends names but she liked her teacher and she said she went potty, not at grandmas house! I am so relived that she had a great first day! Tonight she even got sad for a bit because she wanted me to take her to kindergarten. She is so cute! I love my special girl!!!

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