Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Crazy Family

This last month has been a little crazy. The kids and I have been doing a little workout 3 to 5 days a week. Savannah and Xander love it :) First we do some stretching and a fun little workout that I got from my new Everyday paleo cookbook. This workout is meant just for kids!  We always put on some fun music! Savannah and Xander think it's a game. Sometimes we play Simon says or red light green light with the workout! We do a bear crawl, try to do the crab walk, squats, rocket jumps, Giant steps (lunges), push-ups,  and then we go outside and run around the block. Most of the time I feel like I'm their own personal cheerleader, while I'm cheering them on and counting down our 10 reps for each exercise, and jumping up and down clapping for them! Most of the time when we are running around the block I end up carrying Xander, but Savannah does awesome! I think I'm getting the better workout! We also love to go to the park and go on hikes! Sometimes we play soccer in our backyard and Savannah is becoming obsessed with playing tag and hide-and-go seek! The funny thing is though that she always hides in the same place and she giggles when I get close to finding her :)
 Savannah loves to have tea parties and wear her party hats and princess dresses.

A few weeks ago for a family night, we took the kids to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Xander is obsessed with dinosaurs and his favorite is the T-Rex. The kids had so much fun!
Savannah and Xander's favorite lunch has become apple-walnut turkey wraps with grapes and celery sticks with almond butter and a few raisins. And they love to have almonds, pecans, or walnuts for snack time.

Yesterday, Xander decided to put his head in Savannah's princess toilet seat and he was stuck in it for an hour.  I just couldn't get it off of him.  It was so sad and yet so funny. When Court came home from work, he had to cut it off with garden sheers. Xander was terrified. Poor guy :( But, we got lots of pictures to show his future girlfriends!!!

Today, on our little walk around the neighborhood I had one of the most embarrassing moments ever! We were walking by this guys house who, I didn't know. His garage was open and he was working on something. The door in the garage to his house was also open. All of the sudden, Savannah ran into his garage and into his house. I kept telling the guy that I was so sorry and I ran after her. She had gotten to the bottom of his basement stairs when I finally caught her. I had to drag her out. She was yelling that she wanted to play with her friends. I kept apologizing. I felt so bad and I was completely embarrassed. Then I said that I was so sorry, and that she just doesn't understand, she is autistic. I didn't know what else to say. I don't think I've ever used that excuse to a stranger before for Savannah's behavior. I just wanted him to understand why this little girl had run into his house. I feel bad for saying that but, I just didn't know what to say and I was just freaked out by what she had done. Anyway, I pretty much carried her and pushed Xander in his stroller the rest of the way home.

I have no idea how to explain to Savannah that we don't go into strangers homes. I tried to tell her but, I felt like I was talking to a wall, like she is just in her own world. I wish that I could get through to her and that she could understand things like this but she just doesn't understand. Here I go again, feeling sad and guilty at the same time for wishing she was a normal little girl. Nothing's changed with the potty training.  I'm trying to accept that it's not my fault but its hard. I'm her mother, I'm supposed to be able to teach her how do these things.  I keep trying to get Savannah to tell me about school and trying to find out if she has made any friends but, sometimes I get one word and sometimes she just freezes and gets distracted. I just wish that she could let me in and she could communicate her feelings her wants and needs, or just talk about her day. Maybe, one day...


  1. Oh Nicole You are an amazing Mom! I am going to Facebook you a message of something I heard the other day so watch for it. Savannah and Xander are lucky to have you as their mom!

  2. Nicole I can't tell you how many times I have thought to myself that I want to be a mom like you! You are doing a beautiful job!