Monday, September 17, 2012

A Perfect Birthday

 I had a wonderful birthday yesterday! I turned 24. It's funny how as you get older you forget how old you are. I couldn't remember if I was turning 23 or 24 this year. LOL! A couple of days before my birthday Court took me out to one of our favorite restaurants and then we saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green. It was such a cute movie! I loved it! Court and I kept laughing and commenting on how much Timothy reminded us of Savannah and Xander with all of his cute little quirks! The movie even had a cute message about how it is okay to be different, in fact it is what makes each of us amazing and unique :)

On Sunday, I spent the day with my family! Court made us breakfast. We went to one of our friends, 1 month old daughter's baby blessing. I became even more baby hungery. She is so adorable! I got to hold her precious little angle twice! I could just hold her forever! I guess whenever I'm really baby hungry I can go over and hold her to get my baby fix!
 Savannah was just so cute! She spent the morning in her room making mommy a birthday!! She even pushed me out of her room when I came in to see what she was doing! She wouldn't let me see my birthday! It was so cute!! Later that day she let me help her make a birthday cake and birthday cupcakes! Of course they were all chocolate cake with chocolate chips with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles on top, ( Savannah's favorite!) I just love that girl!! We had to blow out the candle together :) I will always remember this and how sweet my little girl is! I am so lucky!!
 The other day Savannah wore her hat, mittens, and a scarf almost the entire day and she desperately pleaded with me and Court for snow. It was so cute and sad. She wanted to make a snowman. A few times she  would start to cry and say, "Please! Please! Please!" I really wish I could make it snow for her!
 But yesterday, My sister-in-law gave us this stuff that she found online that all you have to do is put water in it and it fluffs up and looks just like snow! It was so sweet of her! She knew how badly Savannah wanted it to snow and she found a way to get it to her! Thank you! Thank you!! You can put it in the freezer to make it cold. Savannah and Xander were so excited! It really made their day and mine! They played it it forever! I think Court was having just as much fun with it as Savannah!
 I am so excited! Savannah ate Cherry tomatoes from our garden! I've been trying to get her to eat these forever! It was awesome!!
 Guess whose dirty feet these belong to! Yes! It's Xander!!! LOL He just loves to play outside and get dirty! Boys! :)
I had such a great birthday with my favorite people!! It was perfect!

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