Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daring Myself

I’m daring myself to dive deeper..push harder..know myself more truly. I want to adventure ..fearlessly. To devote myself fully to good habits and things that promote self care. I am daring to call myself to be the me who I am and not trying to be just like all of those amazing mothers who do everything perfectly.  I am going to be there in the moment with my children and just soak in all of the beauitful memories that we are adding to our story, and it feels so very true & settles deeply into my heart. I will be the best mother I know to be. I desire to walk in boldness and dwell in joy. To cry and pray, and, dance & sing when all i feel like doing is giving up. To live the full life. Arms open to receive. I’m daring to embrace the pain and the trials that are placed thoughtfully in my way. For that is how we grow and learn to become stronger and become closer to our Heavenly Father. To call my unique life, selfless partner, & my two angles beautiful. I’m daring myself to feel gloriously alive. Will you?

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