Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homemade Whole Wheat Rolls & Girls Night!

 Last week, a lady in our ward had a class to teach us how to make the best whole wheat rolls! She is also my amazing visiting teacher! She is so talented with baking! My mother-in-law made our batch together, since we didn't need many rolls since the kids can't have them.
I learned that I am not the best kneader and I'm not very good at cutting my rolls out very evenly :( But they taste amazing anyway!

This night was so much fun! Sorry! I forgot to get a pictures of the rolls after they were done! It was after 10PM when we got home but we baked them and had a couple to taste that night. They really were the best rolls I've ever had!  I can't wait to try to make some paleo bread! The kids will be so excited to have an almond butter sandwich!!!

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