Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Savannah's Ophthalmology Appointment

 Friday, Savannah had her eye appointment. I was in such a hurry and worried that we would be late that when we got there, the receptionist informed me that we were an hour early for Savannah's appointment. I couldn't believe it! I wrote down the right time on my calender but for some reason I had it in my head that we had to be there at 9am instead of 10am. So, We played with the toys and read lots of book while we waited, oh and chased Xander up and down the hall. The appointment went very well, if you don't count Xander running away out of the room and office 4 times, and his obsession with touching everything, opening every cupboard, and pushing every button in the room. LOL!
Savannah doesn't need new lenses! Her glasses that she has are still working great for her! And, we'll bring her back in 6 months for her next checkup. 

I also had Savannah's IEP and she is doing great! Everyone loves her and she is starting braille for 20 minutes, two days a week. The vision therapist says that she thinks Savannah can see good in a lighted classroom! But, we have been noticing more and more problems with her seeing a night. She has even started saying that she can't see in dim rooms, hallways, her room, and in the dark. She walks very slowly and carefully in the dark, she likes to hold our hands, and she trips over stuff in her way a lot. but, we are still hoping for the best and in the meantime, we are hopeful that learning braille now will really benefit her. We think she will pick it up quickly! She is so smart and enthusiastic!

Savannah just makes our life's brighter each and every day!! We love her!

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  1. Glad her prescription is working for her:) You're a great mom for her.