Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Christmas Eve was so nice! We stayed at home and we made cookies for Santa. Court tried to convince her to leave diet coke for Santa but, she wouldn't have it :) Santa drinks milk. She wouldn't budge. It was so cute!

 We read Christmas stories and even read one on the I Pad!

 We had been really working on teaching Savannah and Xander the true meaning of Christmas and of Jesus Christ's birth. A friend told us about this really neat book called, I Believe in Santa Clause.  It very simply tells how Christmas symbols can remind us of Jesus Christ.

One page says, Jesus has given us gifts, and has a picture of Jesus Healing a blind man. I tried to explain to Savannah about the atonement and that he heals the sick and the blind. Then Savannah said that Jesus is going to give her new eyes. That just melted my heart. She knows. She knows that Jesus loves her and I know that she has a testimony. It was just so neat!

 Grandma Love got the kids new PJ's! I love Savannah's poses! I was so glad because I had tried to wing it without a pattern and make them PJ pants. It was a disaster.

 Christmas Morning!!! We slept in until around 9, then woke up the kids. Savannah was so excited and Xander only wanted his milk.

 Xander got lots of dinosaur toys! It was perfect!
 Savannah got all of her princess toys! She was very happy!!

My favorite part about Christmas was seeing how happy and excited Savannah and Xander were! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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