Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christensen Family Christmas Party

 The week before Christmas, we went to Idaho for a family Christmas party. We stayed at Court's grandparents house. The kids loved it! They had so much fun exploring their house and "bahhing," at sheep. LOL :)
 First, we went bowling of course! Not after even 2 minutes walking into the bowling ally, we hear over the intercom, "GET OUT OF THE LANE!!!" I look over and Xander was just about at the end of the lane and almost to the pins. I hurry and take off my boots so I can run after him. The guy kept yelling at him to come back and of course Xander just went faster. I was almost to Xander when the guy caught him just before he bell back behind the pins. My heart was beating so fast! He had scared me to death! I don't think I, nor anybody else who was there will forget this. LOL. That boy of mine! He is so lucky he is so dang cute!
It was so much fun to go bowling this year though, because Savannah was loving it! Most of the time she would roll the ball.  Court and I would take turns helping her and she had a blast even though sometimes the ball wouldn't quite make it to the pins. :)

 After we had dinner at Court's cousin's house. I was so glad that Xander had fallen asleep on the way over. He even stayed asleep for a little bit!! It was so nice of him! The kids had so much fun playing!
 Still working on getting him to pause for pictures, with eyes open!
 Savannah made a new friend! She's so cute :)

Santa came! Xander didn't quite know what to think of him.
Savannah went right up there and told him just what she wanted!A princess castle and princesses!! She didn't even wait for him to ask. LOL!
 Here is our family Christmas card! We barely made it this year :)

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