Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hope Is In Our Genes Project

The Global RARE Genes Project is committed raising support and awareness of Rare diseases around the world. RARE stands for, Rare disease Awareness, Research and Education. Did you know that there are over 7,000  rare diseases that exist and it is estimated that 50% of people affected by rare diseases are children, which makes rare diseases one of the most deadly and debilitating for children worldwide.

Yes, RARE is everywhere and unity creates HOPE. Hope for cures in our Children's futures. The Global Genes Project promotes the needs of the rare genetic disease community and has giving us the blue denim ribbon as a unifying symbol of hope. Volunteers are making 7,000 individual blue bracelets of hope to show their support for people suffering from rare diseases.  The number 7,000 represents the 7,000 rare diseases that impact every 1 in 10 people globely.
These beautiful bracelets of love give me hope for my two special angles, and that there will be a cure for BBS in the future. I am so grateful for the Global Genes Project; it is an amazing feeling, to know that someone somewhere cares about rare children like ours, and their families. Thank you, so much to the kind people who made our beautiful bracelets that we will always cherish, and I will wear mine with pride for my children and all of their accomplishments. It will always stand as a reminder of my rare and precious children whom I love so dearly.
Thank You.

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