Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sick Babies

This cute little guy has been really sick since Saturday. I took him to the doctors on Monday.  He has RSV. Today, his fever is gone but, he is still having a hard time breathing, and is coughing like crazy. It's so sad not being able to do much to help him. He is terrified of his breathing treatments. He screams through the whole thing, every time. :(  I hate giving them to him, but they do help. He is also taking some steroids to help and Tynoal. I know this is not nice to say but, there are two things that I do like about Xander being sick. He lets me hold him for long periods of time, and he doesn't get into anything. But, I really hope he gets better soon. He is just miserable. I hate seeing him like this.

He really needs to get better so I can cut his hair! But, I can't tell him that or he will never get better. :)
Yesterday, when Savannah got home from school, she fell asleep on the coach. She started running a fever, and didn't wake up until after 2 this morning. Xander was up crying and whining every 30 or so minutes all night. I am so exhausted and I'm getting sick too, but I can't! I don't have time to get sick! Savannah was still running a fever this morning and kinda out of it. I wasn't sure what she had.

Around the time that Savannah's school bus comes, She started asking where her bus was and then she had a meltdown because she wanted to go to school and she kept saying that she was better and she wasn't sick, Xander's sick. I felt pretty bad.
Savannah had been "going'" a lot. Her urine was very strong. I thought oh great... She has a UTI again.

I took her to the doctors and we spent the first 15 to 20 minutes trying to get Savannah to go potty but she couldn't. Xander was coughing and crying, which made him cough more. He really hates being at the doctors or in hospitals. He was probably afraid that we were going to give him another breathing treatment.

We saw a different doctor in the office today. He was older and he was really nice.  When he first came in he started talking to Savannah. Then, he pulled out his wallet and offered Savannah a dollar if she would go on the potty, then two. lol. I'm not sure if she fully understands the concept of money yet. She likes coins but, just because she like to collect them especially, since she got her pretty pink money bank from Grandma and Grandpa Jensen!  Then,  as he was just about to get another dollar, I told him that she really likes coins, so he went to go get some. He had put them in one of the cups and Savannah was so excited! I tried to get her to give him his money back but he was too nice and told her that it was all hers, so she happily put all of her money into her cup.

We kept trying to convince her to try and go potty again but she wouldn't. She kept saying that she wanted to go home. We kept trying to persuade her but she just wouldn't. It didn't surprise me. We usually have to have her go at home, then bring it back in. The doctor asked Savannah if she would like a straw for her mini bottle water that the nurse had given her to help her to go. He went and got a one from a juice box. He was so nice to her, and was trying so hard to convince her to go. All the while, Xander was still coughing and screaming. The doctor gave him a cup of his own too. But, he was just too scared and  wanted to leave.

In the end we gave up and I told Savannah that she could keep the money if we went home and she went in our potty. She promptly agreed to that and so did Xander. :) I felt so bad for Savannah. I know it must have been scary for her. And, I felt bad that the doctor had to go all through that. They must think we are crazy there.

As soon as we got home, I got Savannah to reluctantly sit on the potty. She did it!!! I got some milk and juice, ( water with a little crystal light)  to bribe them into getting back into the car with me and taking the sample back to the doctors to have it tested. Savannah was already on the coach with her blankets over her head, almost asleep, and refusing to go. So, I took some Advil to stop my body and my head from aching and got Xander into the car then, I grabbed some salting crackers for myself to settle my stomach so I wouldn't throw up and I was just about to go get Savannah and carry her out to the car too when, my hero showed up and took Xander and stayed home with the kids while I went to drop it off, then hurry back for my 3 hour class.

The doctor was still there and he said that the results were positive for a UTI, so Savannah is starting an antibiotic. Hopefully, she will be feeling better soon so, she can go back to school on Monday!

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