Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Princess Tea Party Birthday!

 Savannah was so excited for her Birthday Princess Tea Party Sleepover with "her girls!" ( the girl cousins) She got to use her new pink tea set and we had a fun little princess tea party! All the girls were dressed up like princesses!

 Savannah and Xander were pretty excited about getting to eat rolls! Rolls and garlic bread in one week! It was Heaven for them! Not to mention pink heart cookies, yogurt covered raisins, and cake. :) I bet they were wondering if their mom was going crazy! Or they just didn't care. :)

We had so much fun making heart bracelets! Court was in-charge of this operation! Isn't he an awesome dad!

He just couldn't let her go. LOL

Hailee is one of Xander's favorite people if you couldn't tell! He pretty much followed her around all night. Poor Hailee.

Coloring princess :)

Yo-Nannas Ice cream! Just bananas and other fruits! All of the kids loved it!

Our princess tea cakes!

 Sadly, one of the girls went home sick. :( The girls missed her.

Savannah was so grateful for all of her birthday gifts, and she had so much princess fun but, I think the best part about that night for her was getting to spend it with her favorite girls!!

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  1. This looks so fun! I can't believe she is 6! Time goes so fast!