Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Easter 2013

 We spread out our Easter over a few days this year. But, it was just so much fun making family traditions because Savannah was so excited!

 Doesn't Xander just look so cute in his egg dying shirt! LOL :) He didn't last too long. Crafts and stuff like that just aren't his thing. So, Savannah and i finished the eggs! Her favorite were the pink of course!

 We had a fun little Easter Egg hunt with some friends of ours. The kids had so much fun! I had gotten sugar free jelly beans that a friend had told me about at Good Earth. Savannah and Xander gobbled them up like they thought that I would take them away or something. We also filled eggs up with coins, stickers and little toys. LOL After the kids had their dinner in Easter eggs. They loved it!

We had Easter dinner with our family Saturday night.  Easter Sunday, We have church early and lucky for us Savannah and Xander don't know yet that the Easter bunny comes in the morning. The Easter bunny came after we got home from church, lunch, and daddy's meeting. lol

 The kids Easter lunch

 Finding their Easter baskets and eating their sugar free jelly beans right away.

 It was such a beauitful day, we decided to go up into the canyon for a walk and then to the park to let the kids play.

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