Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School 2013!

I can't believe my two babies are both in school all day! Yes, this all went with them on their first day of school! lol  Scary, I k,now! Both of their back to school nights were the day before and I like both of their teachers and aids! I was so nervous about their first days though. I was worried that Xander wouldn't listen to his teachers at all and that someone would be mean to Savannah or that she would be scarred, luckily, she has a friend from from last year in her class. They were so excited to get on their buses and go to school! I missed them so much!!! Their teachers said that they were both really good and that they both had good days! They did say that Savannah was done at noon though, (still use to kindergarten.) And she fell in the wood chips at the play ground. Xander had fallen asleep on the bus and they were both exhausted when they had gotten home. I was so excited to see them!! I love them so much!!
First day of school lunches and snacks

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