Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

Our sweet neighbors put us signs if they had none candy things for our kids. We were able to take Savannah and Xander trick-or-treating to the homes with these signs knowing there were safe for them. They also did this last year and it was just so kind of them. We are so blessed to be in a neighborhood/ ward who cares so much. Because of their syndrome our kids can't have candy. We have to watch their calories and stay away from sugar. Our friends had fruit, coloring books, or little toys for our kids instead of candy. We could never thank them enough. Our kids would have been  happy going door to door and showing everyone their costumes and then just have their candy disappear the next day, well maybe with a few tears and meltdowns but they would have been fine. Our friends went above and beyond and we are so grateful to them for making Halloween special for our kids so they can go out and Trick-or-treat just like other children. Thank you!

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