Friday, December 6, 2013

Love Family Halloween/Fall Bucket List

 This is our Fall bucket list of things that I wanted to do with the kids in October. I think we actually did most of them!

Savannah dressed herself! I love her fashion since!

SAvannah went through her American Girl catalog and tore out every page that she wants for Christmas, which was pretty much every page!

Xander The Knight! He even still wears his 24 months dinosaur around the house that he was last Halloween and it fit him perfectly. I don't think he has grown at all this year. Poor little guy! At least he has a huge personality! :)

Our fall leaf countdown

We went outside in our yard and had a fall nature scavenger hunt. I found a list on pintrest that worked great! It even had pictures to follow so that younger kids could read it too!

Xander is holding his Blue Dog that he pretty much thinks is real! :)

Their treasures!!!

 Savannah just loves to help bake with me, especially cookies! But, because Savannah and Xander really aren't suppose to have treats I usually only bake cookies when we are going to give them away and let the kids either share one or have one each. But, of course Xander is always awaiting for his opportunity to sneak some cookie dough or snach a cookie. LOL! And he is a quick one!
 Savannah went with me to take these to some friends, knock on their doors and run as she would whisper "QUIET!" LOL It was adorable and she loved it!

These are my favorite cookies ever! I look forward to making them every year. They always turn out great!

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