Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Xander Has Double Ear Infections

Xander has had ear infections and been sick on and off the last few months. I'm so glad he can use an inhaler now and doesn't have to have breathing treatments anymore. He always hated those and screamed and fought us the whole time. It was so sad. His inhaler is so quick, easy, and he doesn't hate it near as much! It makes it so much easer on us!
Yesterday, Xander's ear started leaking again and he was very cranky, had a runny nose, and was complaining of his left ear hurting again. He had just gotten off his antibiotic from his last double ear infection. I took him in today, with only one stitch left in his head that he hasn't pulled out yet, not for his lack of trying. Lol I can't believe how crazy that little guy is!  And I can't believe that when he got on the scale it read 36 pounds. I think he has lost weight... I don't know wether or not to be excited about that. It's awesome that he hasn't been gaining weight, but he has been so picky lately that he doesn't eat much and most of what he does eat are foods that he has snuck and aren't the best for him or he should have limited amounts of it. And I've been so worried that he isn't growing at all. He still wearers 24 month pants and he is almost 4.
 Anyway, back to his ear infections, he still has one in each ear and his tubes are just hanging in there. He was given a shot and has to go back for the next two days to get more, and we have to try different ear drops. Hopefully, this will clear him up! I feel bad that he has been missing so much school. But, he was so brave today and he was so excited about getting to pick out his little green dinosaur for being so good at the doctors.

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