Friday, December 6, 2013

Xander's First Stitches

Xander got his first stitches on Saturday. He has had liquid stitches before on his foot but ones like these. He ended up with 5 but within an hour he had already pulled out one and then two days later he was down to only two stitches. He just can't handle there being something on his face.The sad thing is that he was just at the doctors a few days before. He has double ear infections.

What happened was, Saturday was my nieces baptism. after, I was holding Xander's hand walking to the door to leave. I guess he tripped on a rug and fell into the heavy glass door. He was crying and when I helped him up there was blood everywhere. He had hit his head on the medal on the bottom of the door. We carried him out and laid him on the grass. There was so much blood. Everyone was getting towels and wipes to try to stop the bleeding and luckily, there was a boy scout there who was ready with some big band-aids! My sister-in-law took Savannah for us and We took him to the nearest insta care and waited an hour, then, a half an hour in the room. Xander was so good for us! When we got back to my sister-in-laws house the kids had letters and pictures for Xander wishing for hime to feel better. They were so sweet!
Tonight, Xander took Savannah's doll and they were in a tug-a-war for it Xander lost it and fell and hit his head and broke his cut open again. I cleaned it up and we put a band-aid on it. I'm not sure if there is anything else we can do. It stopped bleeding but it doesn't look too good. There are two stitches left in it. it's going to be a not so pretty scar for my brave little knight.

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