Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday Savannah!!


 I can't believe my beautiful little girl is eight! Eight years ago I became a mother, her mother! She teaches me so much, and she is my hero! Our lives have not been the same since our sweet Savannah. She is so kind, and she has the biggest heart. Ever since she has become a big sister again, she has been obsessed with Sofia The First and Anna & Elsa from Frozen. Not for the reasons you might think but because Amber and Elsa are big sisters and she LOVES that she is Addison's big sister! So, this is Savannah's Princess Amber cake!

 For birthdays, i believe they are special and so all, well mostly all of my health nut stuff go out the door. Addison and I brought mini princess Sofia cupcakes to Savannah's class at school! Savannah was so excited!

The birthday person gets to chose what we have for their birthday dinner. And we can pretty much always count on Savannah and Xander's birthday dinner to be pizza! :) So we had, "pizza with fruit and Savannah's kind of nuts,"(also known as Hawaiian pizza with almonds) with salad. Savannah also loves salad! Grandma Love and my brother, Uncle Grant came over to celebrate her birthday with us! Savannah got everything she wanted! She was over the moon excited!
Tea Set, so she can have tea parties with mommy and Addison!

My Little Pony, Fluttershy She LOVES my little pony (poor Xander) she makes him watch it!

Savannah got two art kits one from us and the other from Grandma and Grandpa Jensen, and Grant. She was so happy! Her favorite thing to do right now is to draw and color! She takes a notebook on her bus to draw in. Sometimes we write little notes in it for her! Its so fun!

That night, as I was tucking her in to bed I asked her what her birthday wish was and she said, "to be baptized." I thought that was so sweet and it touched my heart! I love my girl and I am so excited that she gets to be baptized next month!
Happy birthday, my beautiful Savannah!!! We LOVE you!!!

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