Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I have so many things to be thankful for this year. There have been ups and downs, tears and laughs, but my blessings outweigh the hard times by far. I am thankful for my sweet little Xander. He loves me to hold him and loves hugs! He is so laid back and calm. I love my Xander.
I am so grateful for temples. They are the place that I feel closest to Heavenly Father, and I always feel a great peace inside.
I am thankful for my mother and mother-in-law and their love for me and my family. They are a great help and a great blessing to me. My family and my mother went through a lot and I admire her strength and courage she must of had to get through her trails, which I feel are harder than most mothers and wife's ever have to go through. She did all she could in her situation that she was put in and raised my five brothers and me. She is an amazing women and I am blessed to be her daughter. I love you mom. Thank you.
My mother-in-law is also am amazing women. She is always there for us and cares so much for our children. She is so talented and has taught me so much. I am so grateful for her. I love you.
I am thankful for my my crazy little Savannah, and all of the silly things she does!
I am thankful for individuality. It keeps life interesting!
I am grateful for my children just the way they are. They might have been born different than normal children, with extra parts, defects, and delays, but they are perfect, special children of God. My love for them is unconditional.
I am thankful for my best friend, my husband. He is a wonderful husband and amazing father. Savannah and Xander love him so much, as do I. He is my greatest support, and has a big caring heart.
I am grateful for love and laughter, they truly enrich and strengthen our lives.
I am thankful for miracles. I know they happen each day, and I will always believe in them. My two little ones are miracles, and I thank God for them each day.
I am thankful for hope and possibilities. They keep us believing and hopeful of the future, that it will be good and full of life.
I am thankful for enthusiasm, it reminds me to be grateful for all of the little things and enjoy being in the moment.
I am thankful for snow. It is pure and white and beautiful.
Most of all I am thankful for the gospel and my eternal family. It is always there for us and gives us strength in our time of weaknesses. I love my family and friends and I am thankful for everyone being there for us. It means so much to me and gives me strength. Thank you.


  1. That is a beautiful post! Love you!!

  2. Nicole, so beautiful, and I want you to know that I've been really thinking of you and sending prayers your way. I don't know how you do all that you do with those two darling children. Please know that if you ever need to talk I'd love to...I can relate to some extent.

    Much Love, Shawni

  3. This is a great list! I admire your gratitude.

  4. What a great list of thankfulness. Sorry about the no sugar pumpkin pie. It looks delish anyway. And sugar free!