Monday, January 31, 2011

Ear Infection number 4 &5 (the last ones!!!)

Xander has been getting sicker again. I took him in today to see a doctor. I didn't get his new doctor but, while while we were waiting for him in the room, their new doctor came in! He said that he saw that we were in and just wanted to see how Xander was! I thought it was so nice of him!
Then, while we were waiting Xander spat up about 5 times all over. Savannah, took out all of the latux gloves out of the box and rolled up the paper on the waiting table twice. The doctor finaly came in and he said that their doctor had apparently filled him in on Xander. I like that they communicate with each other!
Xander has lost a little weight. He is 17.6 pounds. He has two ear infections. The doctor was going to give me a reffurell but, I have savannah's Otolaryngologists programed into my phone, plus ten other doctors. Scary, I know. Plus my Big brother, who I go to to ask silly doctor questions. I'm so lucky to have a doctor for a brother! He's the greatest! Anyway, Xander has his appointment with the Otolaryngologists on Wednesday! I can't wait! No more Xander being sick, and no more ear infections, and not as many sleepless nights!!!

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