Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cheerios and Crawling!

This is what we have been up to the last couple of weeks! Xander has been eating lots of cheerios!
Xander started crawling Sunday, January 23 at nine months!!!
I took care of sick kids with runny noses, including myself.
I've been trying to make sure we have more semi family dinners. Court's usually at school until seven this semester, so he doesn't get to eat with us.
Grandma and Grandpa Jensen got Savannah a tent for her birthday! Savannah loves to read books in it and put her toys in it and play. She doesn't like her little brother in it though. LOL

They have so much fun with it!!!
I baked cookies for Visiting teaching.
I made marshmallow pops for our beehives!
My friend Jamie and I made homemade mint marshmallows! It was really fun!!!

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