Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gastric Intestines Apt.

Today, Xander had a GI appointment, at which I found out that my little chubby monkey is 18.1LBS! I thought he would be so much bigger than that though. He has gotten so big. He went up to the 18% for his weight and down to the 3% for his height. My poor LITTLE guy! There was no screaming or pain for him at this GI appointment this time!!! We get to switch to a liquid Previcid!!! But, we have to give it to him twice a day now. He is doing much better with everything, especially since he's started solid foods, and hopefully, we are close to being done with the horrible dilators! Xander would go so much his poor little bum was almost always bleeding from being so raw. Hopeful, his next Pediatric Surgeon visit for his Anal Stoniness will be his last. He still has an anal fissure though. We are just watching for some stuff, from being on an antibiotic for so long, and besides that he is doing great!!!

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