Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Fun!

Bridal Vail Falls

Savannah getting her rocks.

Throwing rocks into the stream.
We took the kids to this park for a picnic. It has a really neat stream!

The kids loved the hill!
Last night we took the kids to the Kangaroo Zoo! They had so much fun! Savannah was had no fear! She climbed some of the slides all on her own!

Savannah at the bottom of a slide!
My awesome friends!

Savannah and me at the bottom of the giant Slide. I did kinda a flip. It was kinda scary, but Savannah started laughing at me. It was so much fun!
Poor Xander! He took a three hour nap yesterday. I thought it was a miracle! But, he was burning up. He was so miserable. When we got home I checked his temperature. He was 101.6. He just wanted to be held.

I know, I gave Savannah juice. But, they were all thirsty and I thought it would be a fun treat.They are only 60 calories, and she didn't eat her healthy dinner that I made her, so she didn't go over on calories. Not that that is a good excuse or anything.

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