Monday, September 12, 2011

Savannah at the doctors office

I took Savannah into the doctors tonight because, her fever had gone back up to 104.8. The doctor had her give a urine sample by using the bag. I really hate how traumatic that is for her. Luckily, she went within about 10 minutes. They think she has a kidney infection. They gave her two shots of antibiotics. It was so sad.She just wanted me to hold her. Tomorrow night we will start her on oral antibiotics and if her test comes back positive, they will have us go take her to have ultrasounds of her kidneys and have a VCUG test for reflux.

Right now, Savannah is just very lethargic and has a low fever. She still says shes she's ok whenever we ask her how she is doing. She was very brave tonight! We love her so much. I hope everything will turn out ok.

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