Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who Cares If I Get to Italy

This is my beautiful World!

A friend from the Laurence Moon Bardet-Biedl Society

on facebook posted this poem. It is our take (BBS) on the poem
Welcome to Holland.
A mother of a child with bardet-biedl syndrome wrote it.
This is so meaningful and beauitful to me and touches my heart because it is as if this poem is describing my children and my life. My very special children are amazing and beauitful. I truly wish that we could all see the world through their eyes. Who knows? Maybe one day they can describe it to me. For Savannah, I sometimes wonder if that day might not be until the next life. I am wishing and wanting that day to come with all of my hearts desire. When she can look at me with her beauitful blue eyes and tell me how her day was and about her hopes and dreams. I want her to be able to tell me why she cries everyday when she gets home from school.I want her to be able to tell me what is making her sad. One of my friends talked about how Heavenly Father answers our hearts inner most desires, (unsaid prayers) When we witness our special children accomplishing something small but very amazing for them. Like when Savannah first asked for something using a full sentence! It just makes my heart melt. I want to jump up and down and smother her in hugs and kisses!

Today, when Savannah came home form school, when she was crying, I was holding her and I tried to ask her how her day was, just like I do every day, hoping for an answer just like every other time. Then I asked her If she played with her friends at school? No answer. What are you're friends at schools names? No answer. I asked her two more times. "Savannah." What's your teacher's name? The second time I asked I answered for her and she said mommy.What did you learn today? She started crying again. I couldn't even get her to look at me. I was trying so hard to get something. I wanted her to talk to me so badly but I just felt so helpless, like there is an invisible wall between her and me. But, when I read this poem it reminded me that Savannah's world is beauitful, and I love her just the way she is! She gets so excited when she sees a rock, a flower, or letters! I love it when she says, "Oh my goodness!" or " Oh man!" It is adorable, and when she does look at me! I love to just look at her back and soak that rare moment in! I love how she makes us give her "many'" kisses when we put her to bed! I love my two beauitful children and I am so grateful for them and

to be their mother.

Who Cares If I Ever Get to Italy
By Virginia L. Young(a mother of a child with BBS)

My trip to Italy has not turned out as I planned,
but who cares.
My son has taken me to see the most amazing
sights around the world.

I loved those tulips, windmills, and Rembrandts

in Holland. I only had to learn to look at them
for what they are and not what I expected them to be.
I have seen the beauty with every amazing
accomplishment and burst of a smile on his face.

He has shown me the Grand Canyon
in the depth of his determination to overcome
challenges and attain his goals.

He has taken me to the Great Wall of China

as I stand separated from the mothers
of those perfect children who have been to Italy.
And yet we are fortified,
protected by that wall of loving and bonding like no other.

I have seen the pyramids he must climb,
just to do what so many people take for granted,

like crossing the street.
And I have climbed a few pyramids myself.
The view from the top is amazing and satisfying.

The Colossus of Rhodes has stood before me
on more than one occasion.
There is no more imposing figure
than looking up into his unseeing eyes
and wondering what visions he holds from those lofty ideals.

The floods of tears, both happy and sad, we have both cried
Could feed a falls that Angels would envy
And produce more power than Niagara.

The terraces of the Gardens of Babylon
were built with the same effort as his life.
Step by step, to secure and beautify his world
with knowledge and confidence
that will flower throughout his adulthood.

No sculptor could create a vision
more perfect and strong
than the picture in my mind
of how God sees my child.

This view of the world he has given me
is more wondrous than anyone can appreciate,
except maybe the parent of another special child.
We love our world!

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  1. Love it! Amazing moms are the ones that get the amazing kids, you know. :)