Monday, December 5, 2011


Savannah hasn't had a fever today!!! But, she didn't get off the coach until noon and she didn't eat until eat until after 2, even then it was just a few Gerber star puffs. About a half an hour after that she almost threw up, and ended up back on the coach. Then, she kept melting down in tears.I think she just kept wearing herself out. I wish she could tell me how she felt. I'm trying to decided if she should go back to school tomorrow. But, how am I suppose to decided that. For all I know she all achy and feel awful. She doesn't tell me. When I ask her if she feels sick, hurts, or if she feels icky, she just says it's better. Even when she had a fever and wouldn't move that is what she said. I just wish I knew how she felt! I want her to be able to tell me but, I don't think she even knows how, but I can't even know that. I would feel awful if I send her to school and she ends up having an endless meltdown or throws up, or starts burning up again. I don't even know if her throat is better. She won't let me see. It is so frustrating not being able to know what she needs or what I can do to help her. It just feels helpless.

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